New KOI Fish Quarantine

Koi fish that newly bought may be still carry parasites, fungus , bacteria etc. even though your koi dealer did eliminated these. Or if kois are shipped in a box, kois are usually extremely exhausted and stressed. To recover koi fish condition quickly, it is important to provide koi in a nice surrounding. The best way to decrease the risk of disease before introducing them to your main pond is keeping and treating new koi in the separate quarantine tank for 21 days. In addition this will give a new Koi to rest.

Before receive a Koi, prepare a separate tank or tub for place a koi to rest. Use fresh dechlorinated water, the better water is from the existing pond, 100-300 gallon tank will do, or it depends on the Koi size. Give the filtration system for the tank, if do not have a filtration system, give aeration by air pump. Add salt to water until 0.3% concentration (3 lb salt per 100 gallon water). Keep the water temperature at 72 F or more.

When receive Koi, first time check Koi condition. If Koi look OK, float the bag that use to carry Koi for 15-30 min in the tank or tub prepared. It is for adjust water temperature. If Koi look very exhausted, leaning on one side, moving very little, lifeless release into the aeration water tank right away. After that, release only Koi into the quarantine tank, do not allow bagged water. If Koi looked extremely exhausted, as soon as possible open the bag and release them. Add anti-biotic in the quarantine tank such as Melafix. The tank must be covered entirely, because Koi tend to jump out to escape, especially when Koi encounter a totally new surrounding.

While keep Koi in quarantine tank, Observe Koi carefully for 14-21 days to see if the Koi develops any problems. Make partial water change every 2-3 days it's about 25%, if do not use the filtration system. Add salt and Melafix accordingly. Supaverm is recommended, after about three days Koi in tank. Feed Koi every day with digestible food but not too much. Ammonia and nitrite must be check every day.

If verything is oke during quarantine, then start introducing them to the main pond pond.