The Beauty of KOI FISH

the KOI FISH indeed very beautiful. His colour feature that had various colours and his movement that were elegant, made the KOI FISH often was liked by the person. Previously the KOI FISH was the fish kept of the kings in China.

Currently the KOI FISH the best quality was more often developed in Japan. Therefore, several famous koi fish kinds, his name reeked of Japan, like the Kohaku, Taaisho sanhoku, Showa sanshoku, Bekko, Utsirimono, Kumonryu, Asagi, Cagoi, Ochiba etc..

Because of the colour feature of the KOI FISH that was beautiful, the KOI FISH was believed in could eliminate stress. Moreover also was believed caused luck for the person who maintained him. Therefore, not surprised although his price was expensive, the KOI FISH often was looked for by the person.

The KOI FISH usually was maintained in the pond, not in aquarium. Because of the KOI FISH appearance was more beautiful when was seen from above. To maintain the KOI FISH, apart from quality food, that must be paid attention to was pond water to maintain the KOI FISH. The KOI FISH only could live well in the pond that his water was clear and often contained oxygen.

The KOI FISH indeed had the expensive price. To maintain needed quite a bit of fees. Because of that not surprised when the KOI FISH more often was collected by the middle circle above. According to his history, the KOI FISH indeed not the normal fish, but the fish kept of the kings.

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The Colour and the Colour Pattern of Koi Fish

Colour of the fish koi must sparkle, the contrast and had the limit that was clear between the colour. If choosing the koi fish, Kohaku type, it must have the white colour like snow and red like blood. The red colour must in the left part be balanced with the right-hand.

The condition for the fish koi that was good was determined by various assessments standart international. For example, the koi fish Tancho Kohaku who had circles on the head, if the red colour circles widened to the eyes part, the nose or the back, it’s no longer acknowledged as the koi fish tancho, but was mentioned Kohaku.
Even so with the koi fish the Ogon type, the metallic colour of his platinum must be clear and might not have just a few stains.

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Buy Koi Fish to increase my collection

A moment ago accompanied my wife to the market wanted to look for the present because the neighbour just gave birth.
Normally because impatient in waiting the wife of the expenses, I went to the place of fish merchandise.
Who knew there is one that is good could to bought.

Evidently there is one that is good, then was bought by me several koi fish to increase the available collection in the house.
Koi fish that was bought by me from the Kohaku variety and Showa variety, all of them were still being small.

Hopefully could be big and became good.
Bought by me the Cupang fish also, in order to be placed in the pond filter in order to pinch mosquitoes was eaten by this Cupang fish.

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