Don't Over Feeding Your Koi

Over feeding koi fish make the koi pond will have an Ammonia spike and that could possibly hurt or kill the Koi fish. Over feeding make overload the biological filter, and can harm the Koi fish.

How many time feed the koi? Most people generally feed their Koi 2-5 times a day. We can feed them around 2-3 times a day or 3-5 times a day. Kois will even stay around the same size or grow slower if we feed around 2-3 times a day, and kois will reach their maximum size sooner or grow fast if we feed them around 3-5 times a day.

When feeding the Koi, we must attention to many factors :
1. What season

2. Size of Pond

3. Size of filter

4. Type of filter

5. How many Koi in the pond

Waste that they will excrete depending on how many feed your Koi, more feed is more waste. we'll need some way to remove the waste. install bottom drains and flow water into the filter is a good way to remove the koi fish waste. The filters must cleaned scheduled.

If we plan on feeding the koi a lot and growing them out, we'll need a big pond and we'll need a big filter. The grow out period of koi is in the Summertime. To boost their growth rates, we should feed the Koi a food that is high in protein during the summer. In a natural environment, a Koi will eat as much as it can during the summer in order build up fat to live off of in the winter when food in scarce.

Koi Food will have complete proteins and have stabilized Vitamin C is very good. Stabilized Vitamin C lasts for months before it breaks down, while regular Vitamin C has a maximum shelf life of 90 days.