Proper Ways For Keeping Butterfly Koi

by: Burt Cotton

Are you wondering what a butterfly koi is? You try to ask the Japanese or Chinese people because they can surely give you an elaborate answer. Obviously, koi is unfamiliar term for most of you but if you will translate it into layman’s term, koi simply means carp. Butterfly koi is a kind of fish. The features are closely related to the goldfish that you have in your aquarium. The style of breeding and ornamentation are almost the same as goldfish. Butterfly koi originated from Japan and has been distributed worldwide. Many people became interested with butterfly koi because it features different colors that seem so attractive and appealing to the eyes. Colors vary from white, green, blue, black, and red. Aside form butterfly koi, there are other varieties of koi that can be bought from pet shops and aquarium stores. These are distinguished by coloration, patterning and escalation. The breeders also develop distinct versions of koi. These are koi with large scales and some do not have scale at all. Keeping a butterfly koi is not as complicated as you think. However, it is not the same as taking care of the typical fishes that swims in your ponds or in your aquariums. It takes a little effort from you if you want to sustain the growth of your Butterfly koi. Like the common carps these are also known for being resilient. Butterfly koi can just be placed anywhere or in any types of containers. These can be kept from small container to larger ponds. Here are some tips for you to consider for keeping Butterfly koi: •Traditional indoor aquarium is not preferable. Since it is a cold water fish, Butterfly koi desires water that is more than a meter in depth. During harsh winters, it can be placed in ponds but make sure that it is not to deep also because it can freeze underwater. •Keep an open space. It is a great idea that you should keep an open space to the area where you place Butterfly Koi so that they can have a proper place for breathing. •Put a horse trough heater if possible. This is helpful for considering the cold weather during winter season. Although Butterfly koi is a cold water fish, too much cold can be lethal for them. •Consider the bright color of the fish. It can be disadvantageous for the predators. •String nets above the surface of the pond can help. This is an effective way of preventing the Butterfly Koi from being exposed to unnecessary particles that could fall to their habitat. Wires will do if you do not have string nets. •The pond must have a pump and filtration system. These are used to keep the pond clean and a safe place to live in for the Butterfly Koi. Clear water is also needed for their growth. Some people believe that Butterfly Koi is a good luck for your business. This is also the reason why most of them keep it as their pet. Aside from the luck that it can bring you, it can also cause you peace of mind and therapeutic feeling by simply watching them swimming in ponds. Try having Butterfly Koi in your place.
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