KOI in Summer Tips

We must care to koi in summer, because the water more warmer temperatures and it's boost metabolism of koi and their immune system. we know summer is the sunniest and warmmest time in the year. The grow out period for Koi is in summer, A daythey'll easily eat 3-5 times . You just have to make sure that all of your Koi's waste must can handle by your filter , if your filter can't handle it, they will suffer from a buildup of ammonia and dissolved solids in the water. Your pond will probably end up looking like a bowl of split pea soup, if you don't have a sufficient size filter.
Your DO (dissolved Oxygen) level is one thing that you have to watch in the summer. in the warmer water, less oxygen can hold. Keep an adequate amount of aeration going in your pond at all times. It doesn't matter if it is an air pump and air stone, or a large waterfall. The minimum level that Koi need is 4 ppm (parts per million). 4 ppm is the minimum level, keep it in the mind, the DO level should always be well above that. To live, your Koi need oxygen .

70°F - 75°F is the ideal temperature for Koi in the summer. For them, this is the most comfortable temperature range . Watch out for those dog days. If you have a shallow pond, the water temperature could rise up to dangerous levels and your Koi could suffer. Provide some shade or some cover for your Koi, so your koi have a place to get out of the direct sunlight.
Koi eat bugs too. While they try to get insects that are near the water's surface, it is not uncommon to hear them splashing around at the surface at night . Your koi will grow very fast by eating bugs, along with their daily feedings and warm water temperatures.