Genesis Of Koi Fish (Part II)

Carp Fish ( Cyprinus Carpio) in Japan referred as nishikkogoi, nishi mean fish with many colour and goi mean carp fish.

Effort to get new type of koi fish done/conducted by Japan breeder, besides effort to increase quality from koi fish type that founded.

In the year 1875 through long process born new type koi fish, what is named by ASAGI. Asagi represent type of koi fish with dusty blue colour mixed red, red colour there are at body side, side head and the fin.

Same in the year also found type of koi fish which called KI UTSURI. Ki Utsuri represent black colour koi fish that having pattern yellow.

Yielded Tricolour Koi in the year 1912-1926 named by TAISHO SANSHOKU. Afterwards born type of SHOWA SANSHOKU, OGON, GINRIN and also GOSHIKI.
After through long journey born various existing type of koi fish up to now. Various the type koi fish for example SHOWA SANSHOKU, OGON, GINRIN, GOSHIKI.
Community of Koi fish Japan in the year 1904 surprised with appearance of koi fish which don't have scaly. Koi Fish which don't have scaly come from German. By society of this Japan koi fish named by KAGAMI GOI.

Koi Fish which don't have scaly represent result of cross bred between carp fish of Japan by carp fish of Germany. From crossed breed of Kagami Goi will be yielded koi fish with half of body have scaly and half again don't have scaly named by DOITSU NISIKHI GOI.
With the experience, research into, attempt and also the long effort emerge various type of koi fish such as those which we recognize up to this time. type of Koi fish for example Kohaku, Taisho Sanshoku, Showa Sanshoku, Mono Utsuri, Bekko, Asagi, Shusui, Koromo, Goshiki, Hikari Muji, Hikari Moyo, Hikari Utsuri, Tancho, Kin Ginrin, Doitsu, Mono Kawari etc.