Argulus - Koi Parasite

Argulus is also known as fish liceLernea or fish louse. Argulus is a tiny parasite that posses a crustacean exoskeleton and visible to the Naked Eye. To attach to the skin of a Koifish Argulus used two large circular suckers. To poke a hole and feed on blood of koi fish, Argulus uses a spike. Argulus will lay several hundred eggs on solid surfaces like rock. The eggs have a gestation period of about a month.
To be able to see, Argulus take about a month and a half to grow out enough. Argulus will attack any fish or amphibians in the pond during this time. Like any other parasite, Argulus can cause a secondary infection like Aeromonas. Larger Argulus will use its spike to defend itself so be careful when holding a large Argulus.