Lernea (Anchor Worm) - Koi Parasite

Lernea is also known as anchor worm. It's a parasite of koi fish that visible to the Naked Eye. Lernea attaches itself to the skin of Koi fish. Because Lernea have a big size so you can see when Lernea attaching your Koi fish, Lernea looks like a small piece of black string coming out of an irritated patch of scales.

How to remove Lernea?
You need tweezers to remove Lernea, but be sure to disinfect the area that attaching by Lernea with iodine or potassium permanganate. Like any other parasite, Lernea can cause a secondary infection like Aeromonas. Lernea can lay hundreds of eggs, which take about two weeks to hatch in the summer.