Genesis of KOI FISH

Koi Fish having Latin name Cyprinus Carpio L. included in type of Carp Fish. In Japan referred as Kokugyo that meaning national fish. Genesis of Koi fish have a lot of version. According to Takeo Kuroki in his book entitling KOI, mentioned by that koi fish come from Persian, brought by people of cina step into Japan. In Japan koi fish rapidly grow.

Koi step into Japan of about 200 year ago. breeder of Koi fish in Japan make every effort to increase quality of koi fish. A lot of way of which have been done/conducted until it all about year 1804-1830 yielded by koi fish of single colour of koi fish beside of black colour of koi fish. Single colour of koi fish that yielded is red koi fish, white koi fish and yellow koi fish.

After through long process, finally at about year 1830-1850 all breeder of koi fish made a success of cross bred between red koi fish and white koi fish. Result from cross bred of between red koi fish and white koi fish is white koi fish with red pattern, what is famous by the name of " KOHAKU”.

(To Be Continued)