Aquascape - Koi Health and Disease (Release 2) - By Dr. Eric Johnson

Home and Garden › koi pondAquascape - Koi Health and Disease (Release 2) - By Dr. Eric Johnsoncourtyard (7)pergola (6) Koi Health and Disease - By Dr. Eric Johnson DVM Dr. Johnson is recognized and one of the world leading experts of fish health. This book will take you thought the diagnosis of fish problems and the associated treatments. He has written this book so the average pond owner would be able to follow his instructions to bring a sick fish back to good health. We keep a copy of this book in each of our service trucks for reference for our employees who work on ponds on a daily basis. They have found this book to be the bible of fish health. We also use this book as our text book in our local fish health classes that we teach. Dr. Johnson covers topics that pertain to all types of fish that might be found in an ornamental pond. For more pictures and information, go to flower garden (10)rose garden (9)pavement (8) Learn About Your Fish From An Expert In The Field. Dr. Eric Johnson DVM Lots of Full-Color Pictures + Many Helpful Drawings on Koi Fish Health Easy Reading, A Must Have For Pond Owners! Learn how to diagnose fish problems and the recommended treatments to save your ailing fish Quick reference chart to fish problems on the rear cover Aquascape - Koi Health and Disease (Release 2) - By Dr. Eric Johnson